While marijuana might still be a bit of a sensitive topic in certain states or countries, the rate of popularity associated with it has never once gone down. More and more people are truly beginning to understand that marijuana, unlike other drugs can bring no actual harm to the person but instead, has countless medical abilities instead. For any professional stoner, collecting bongs will never be boring and they would almost always have an eye out for a new bong. If you are new to this whole process, then too you might have to be careful about what kind of bong you are going to buy. Buying the wrong product can hurt your experience and can make the whole process seem over exaggerated and not worth the hype. When you visit a store that sells bongs, you will immediately be it by hundreds and hundreds of different types of bongs right in front of you. While this might over whelm you at first, this guide can be useful for figuring out how to purchase one.

The size matters!

When you buy bongs from Australia, one of the most important factors to look out for is the size of the bong. This is because according to what you can do; your experience and your lung capacity; the size of the bong will either uplift your weed experience or just downright make it seem bad. If you buy a bong that is too large for yourself, then it is going to fill itself with too much smoke and cause chaos. To avoid this, pick the right size!

The type

Whether you buy bongs online or from a local store, one thing is for sure, you are going to have an extreme amount of bongs to pick from. There are easy and inexpensive plastic bongs if you are looking for something casual and spontaneous; there are larger glass for smokers; ceramic bongs for the dramatic smokers and there are even bamboo bongs. There is a lot of variety to choose from and once you figure out what you want it is easy to make the purchase. Also keep in mind that buying something a bit breakable might not be wise if you want it to last long!

The Costs

In certain places bongs can be a bit inexpensive and in other places they can be wildly expensive instead. If you are running on a budget then it is better to buy a bong that does not seem to be wildly expensive but not exactly inexpensive either. Finding a moderation between the two would be the best choice!

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