If you have long winters to plan for, with children being cooped up indoors, you need to plan for their recreation from before. If they have friends coming over and spending time, you would want to give them a space where they can play on their own. You need not plan elaborate changes, as long as you have a quiet corner or a storage room that can be emptied out, even a corner of a covered patio could turn into an adventurous den for little ones.

Inexpensive furnishings to cut cost

When you have an empty space to start out with, opt for little plastic chairs or none at all. Simply a rug on the floor or some floor cushions can be the perfect furnishings for a playroom. Kids need space to move around and placing elaborate furniture is not a requirement. If you have an old rocking chair, you could place it here with colorful cushions. Add more of softer items like sofa throws in such a space so that kids have little chances of hurting themselves.

Make use of old toys

Often old toys lie discarded in corners and wardrobes along with bed linen, forgotten by your children. If you bring them out afresh to use them as décor for a play room, you will find your kids and their friends putting them to use again. Ensure that they are properly cleaned as old toys tend to gather dust. It would be a good idea to use a gentle spin cycle in your washing machine to bring out the toys clean and bright for use again. For further information you can definitely go here for linen tablecloth.

Add a shelf if possible

If you have a room to use or an elaborate corner, then opt for a small shelf where books can be placed. That will encourage your kids to read or indulge in activities that come in different book forms. If you have board games that are hardly used, this would be a good space to place them at. Children tend to forget about the board games that are gifted to them. If they are placed in their playroom, there are higher chances of the games being used when they are playing with their friends. The above points help you redecorate any existing room or corner of your home without spending much or none at all. If you are a handyman at home, you could even craft out shelves and hanging ledges where you can place handy or decorative items that are lying in other parts of your home. This will help reduce clutter and redecorate your home as well.

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