Outdoor exhibitions and fairs are great ways to connect with existing and potential customers. The expo’s allow first hand interaction for customers with your brand and get a real feel for what it stands for. However with many organizations taking to these fairs and exhibitions, it is easy to get lost among the competitors. So how do you stand out, let us look at one effective way to get your message across and also to get your brand seen by all those that visit. Event marquees are considered great tools to be used in outdoor exhibitions and fairs. Correctly used they are great to attract customers and get better returns on your investments. However one must understand the unique properties of these tools and use them effectively to get the maximum benefit. So let’s look at some steps you can take to make them effective.

Placement is important: the corporate or brand logo is the most important element that identifies who you are. And when it comes to customers they will look out for the brands that they are familiar with. Therefore it is essential that this logo be displayed in the most prominent manner at outdoor functions. Experts recommend that the logo be placed on the roof for better visibility. Usually fairs and expo’s take place in large outdoor setting therefore being visible from all angles makes sure more customer visits. Therefore selecting a printer or a supplier of these tents that can do a vibrant and clear design that conveys the brand message is important.

The valance: for people who are not aware of your brand or for customers that walk past, it is important that your name and details are clearly visible for them. This is where the valance section comes in. when people walk by this is a section of the tent that is clearly visible to them. Therefore make sure that this section has a bit more details of what you offer, so that at a glance passersby know what the tent is all about and what they can expect.

Match with other promotional material: the signage on the tent should be supplemented with other promotional and branding mechanisms such as printed banners or table covers that are used. The consistent message communicated in multiple forms throughout the premises increases your chances of being noticed.

Utilize the backend: from the whole tent space available, the back end has the most space, and should be utilized for better use. When people walk in to the space, they should be able to read and understand what you can offer them. So such details can be prominently displayed on the back end of the tent.