Elk clothing in Australia is one of the pioneers of the Australian clothing brand and this brand is officially from the Melbourne. The founders of this brand are the Marnie Goding and the Adam Koniaras, both of them has been married for years and came up with the idea of establishing their own clothing brand in the year of 2004. Over the years, this brand has not only established a market in the Australia but has also introduced itself in ten more countries.  

The reason why this brand became this much popular is because of the unique collections and design that it provides to its audience. The brand has introduced refinement as the key component and this refinement combined with the intellect and the creativity of these couple is what attracts the customers from all over the world.  

The elk clothing does not only provide the clothing articles but these also provide the sculptural accessories. The clothing collection of this brand mostly consist of the hand made leather articles and mostly readymade clothing. The founders aim was to introduce both the creativity and the innovation in the design and wanted to provide the customers with the most authentic fabric of all the time. All these beliefs earned the elk clothing the position on which it is currently standing. 

The collections of the elk clothing are launched two times in the year. The elk clothing has the strong belief that the design which is unique does not need to be complex but the uniqueness could be well introduced with the simplicity and the refinement. The elk clothing exports the high-quality fabric from all over the world and have manufacturers in the company who are highly skilled and experienced in turning this high-quality fabric in to beautiful article.  

Not only the company has interest in launching the best fabric but these have ethical values as well which means they make sure that the methods of manufacturing that they use and the fabric that they use are friendly with both the environment and the animals. Due to this reason the elk clothing provides the transparency report in which all the methods of manufacturing the product from the very start to end are listed which includes where they got the fabric and how they turn it in to the finished product. All this information lists the people who they buy the fabric from, the location of their factories and the details about all the material. This shows the honesty, authenticity and integrity of the brand. We also offer elm lifestyle saleboom-shankar-styles